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I am a professional, certified, business coach and mentor. I am open for business and here to help.
I have adapted to the COVID-19 situation. All my coaching and mentoring services are being delivered over Skype or Zoom. I have been delivering services, in this way, for over 8 years. Please take a look at my COVID Reality Plan, if you are interested in the detail.
So, the current UK-wide 'lockdown' may limit the work that you can do. On the other-hand, this is a good time to think about your career and your future. Why don't you call me or use the 'Questions' form below?
I'd be happy to give you 15 minutes of my time, at at no cost to you.
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I am Francis Christie


I am a professional business coach specializing in business and leadership development. I help people realize the leader they can be. I am passionate about helping business leaders to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations.

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What Do My Clients Say?

Jason Watkiss, Commercial Director
At a minimum, the benefit to Allen Gears is a saving of £100,000 per annum. This more than justifies Allen Gear’s investment in the 6 month development programme. This has enabled a senior manager to step up and work effectively, at the next level, as the new Head of Services.

Allen Gears Limited

Andrew Machon
What you did with me made a big difference and your qualities... that are emerging, are wonderful for a coach… marrying that zest for life, that call to the client to do the real work... together with your wonderful holding, support, clear boundaries, challenge and empathy.

ICF Master Certified Coach

Julian Adams, Managing Director
It is an empowered, motivated organisation….The coaching, as a percentage of the investment, is minute... but I believe It is one of the most critical things that allowed us to be successful

Apex Supply Chain Technologies in Europe

David Greer, Chief Executive
We expect to get a four to eightfold return on our investment in Francis' coaching of a Director, through the Director's Development Programme. However, I expect that the effect on his whole department will be much greater. I think Francis’s coaching has been a significant success for us.

Skills for Security Limited

James Constant, Chief Operating Officer
Francis has been invaluable. He supported me in delivering a new strategic direction, providing a smooth path through challenging decisions and enabling the business to step up to new opportunities.

BizzEnergy Limited

Bev Brown, Finance Director
Following a major restructuring of the company, the Finance Director left. I was encouraged to think of promotion to Finance Director (FD) within 12 to 24 months. I knew then that I would need help to achieve my goal. Thanks to Francis’ coaching, I was promoted to Finance Director, two months ahead of my plan.

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