November, 2012

December Newsletter

In this issue… Welcome to our Newsletter Pivotal Moments in Leadership Engaging Your People to Change the Business 10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today Walking the Talk: Who is Supervising Your Coach? Receiving the Francis Christie Newsletter Welcome! At the end of 2012, we salute Neil Armstrong for his feat of tremendous, personal leadership; offer tips for engaging your employees and 10...

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Pivotal Moments in Leadership

If you are a leader in a business you will recognise those crucial moments in business when you either succeed or fail. These are the “pivotal” moments in your career: moments when you are tested the most. Neil Armstrong is most well remembered for being the first man to step on the moon. To me, Neil Armstrong, is the hero of the story for a different reason: Ten minutes from touch...

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10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today

Much of what is practiced as leadership today is driven by old habits from an age when ‘the boss’ could tell people what to do and expect literal obedience. The evidence of the last 30 years shows that: Work is more technologically complex: it requires workers to employ intelligence as well as loyalty, and When you invest in creative ways to engage people and develop their learning,...

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