October, 2014

CMI Research: Trust Me, I’m a Manager

Would you let your doctor treat you, if you found out that they did not have any training? Research by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) showed that many people join an organisation, because of their reputation, but leave because of their experience of a ‘bad manager’. Yet every year British businesses let thousands of managers loose on their people, without equipping them...

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Selling: New Techniques or Snake-oil?

Some clients get excited about new techniques or new methods that will ‘solve all their problems’. I know of at least one company, where the directors dread the CEO’s next international flight. Why? Because he has a history of coming back to the office, throwing down the ‘in-flight’ magazine and saying ‘This looks like a great idea! Why don’t we try...

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Leadership Opportunities Oct. 2014

Leadership Opportunities: In this issue… Vote for Jo Pavey! Selling: New Techniques or Snake-Oil! CMI Research: Trust Me, I’m a Manager Would You Like Your Own Copy (of the Francis Christie Newsletter)? Vote for Jo Pavey! Vote for Jo in the Sunday Times and Sky Sports – Sports Woman of the Year Award #SWOTY Jo Pavey gets my vote. She is an inspiration to many working mums. She...

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