About Us As Leaders

We are a team of expert business and leadership development specialists, based in the West Midlands, who are passionate about helping business leaders to transform themselves, their teams and their organisations.

We have a team of people who have vast experience of running businesses and other organisations. They have operated at many levels and in a wide range of business disciplines – from finance and operations to sales, marketing, operations, production and HR. Over the past  10 years, we have helped over 200 clients, supporting them in strategy development, business planning, improvement projects and leadership development.

We have developed specific ways of delivering projects that integrate business projects with coaching and mentoring, with training programmes and with team building activities, in order to deliver:

  • a payback to the client in the short term
  • more effective leadership and management in the medium term and
  • build leadership capabilties for the long term

If you would like to know more, use the contact box at the foot of the page or just call us on 01905 641528.

You can also follow these links to read case studies and learn about our team.