Change for the Better

Expert Business Change Partner

All members of the Francis Christie team of Directors and Associates have a great deal of experience in business leadership and management. We are all focused on creating West Midlands businesses that perform to world class standards.

To do this, we work with you on your business. Our experience and expertise enhances your existing knowledge and insight to help you define clear objectives to change your business for the better. We bring tools and techniques to assist you in understanding how to bring about change and improvement. And we support you to implement the changes.

Our Services

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Change Programmes

We help you turn under-performing parts of your business into world class performers, in the following stages:

  • Initiation: We work with senior management to set objectives and scope the project
  • Evaluation: We engage managers and employees to identify the problem and analyse the issues, always making sure that the ‘Voice of the Customer’ is at the centre of the process
  • Planning: We facilitate managers and staff to create the plan for change
  • Implementation: We mentor your teams and their leaders to deliver the results you seek

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Kaizen Rapid Improvement Projects

You can quickly and powerfully resolve major challenges in your business process through a rapid improvement project. These projects combine continuous improvement training with immediate action by a cross functional team. Within a week, you extend the knowledge, experience and confidence of selected employees and make dramatic improvements in productivity and delivery performance.

The power of Kaizen projects come from these key characteristics:

  • You set audacious goals for a defined area of your business or product
  • You appoint a team taken from all functions of your business
  • People of all levels work together, from senior managers to shopfloor employees
  • We provide the team with 2 days intensive training in relevant improvement techniques
  • Your team leader manages a process of analysis, problem solving and real-time change, supported by an FCL specialist consultant
  • The team have access to all departments and all decision makers, including the MD or CEO, to enable rapid access to data and key decisions to be authorised at the time
  • Many actions are completed during the project and longer term or investment decisions are brought to the senior management team or Directors on the final day of the project

You can read here an example of Kaizen Rapid Improvement Projects for Alan Dick, resulting in a 50% cost reduction for one product and a 33% time-to-delivery reduction for major customer projects.

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Business Process Change

As your business grows, changes or faces challenges to the way you operate, you wil need to review business processes, team structures and the way you deliver customer requirements.

We combine analytical tools and mapping to gain insight from your managers and employees with to redesign your business to meet your requirements for today or the future:

  • Team snapshot events – half-day workshops structured to get feedback and insight from cross section of your people;
  • Analysis of your business structure that enable you to align to what your customers value;
  • Process mapping to reduce waste and other forms of unnecessary cost, whilst delivering effective results;
  • Communication to your employees to ensure their commitment to and ownership of the changes that are implemented

An example of this kind is an agricultural client who experienced rapid growth. We helped them to redesign their on-field management processes, including defining the role of a new level of manager, developing and delivering an induction programme for the first 24 recruits into this new role.

In another project, internal on-time delivery from one area of a manufacturing plant improved from 65% to a regular performance of between 90% and 100% month by month.

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Business Project Mentoring

Our team provide support to your projects, drawing each of our relevant experience.

Examples of people we have supported in this way include:

  • The Chief Information Officer of a major public company as he led a SAP implementation across the group, provided by David Parsons
  • The Director of a client in creating a case for the Executive Board for a ‘Lean’ implementation initiative, provided by John Orwin
  • An HR Director to design and propose a Board re-structure to overcome Director performance issues, provided by Francis Christie
  • Senior managers of a manufacturing business to implement changes agreed by the Board as part of a 5-year strategic plan, provided by Richard Procter

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Managing Internal Communications

Our Associate, Sharon Kerby, will be posting details of how we can help you manage communications better inside your business very shortly….
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Employee Opinion Surveys

The challenge to truly engage and motivate employees has risen in importance to many businesses in recent years and we have carried out a number of EOS projects, to:

  • Provide senior management with insight to how their employees perceive the organisation, their team, their manager and the way they are treated at work
  • Create the platform and focus for specific activities to engage people in business and performance improvement

For further details, contact us using the contact form on this page or call 01905 641528.

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