Operational Excellence

Our seasoned production and manufacturing consultants have many years experience of running operations & factories, creating a culture of excellence that has transformed productivity.

We work with you to select the best methodology for your performance objectives and product/service requirements (for example ‘Value Engineering’, ‘Lean Manufacturing’ or ‘Lean Office’) and then engage your teams in turning the anticipated benefits into reality through hands-on projects supported by mentoring, coaching and training.

We take an integrated approach to developing World Class businesses – for example, using multi-functional teams in rapid ‘Kaizen Projects’ to realise immediate, significant and measurable gains; or applying the lessons of competitive market research (see ‘Marketing‘) to identify business-led delivery priorities that create the focus for improvement planning.

You read an example in this case study about how we worked with one client to facilitate their leadership and shop floor personnel to transform the 2 major areas of their business to improve profitability and project lead times.

We would be delighted to share with you more details of projects we have carried out in this area – you can use the contact form at the foot of this page or call us on 01905 641528 to talk to us.

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