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Leadership & Management Development

Francis Christie provides leadership and management development and training to businesses in the West Midlands through a variety of methods.

We stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons:

  • We integrate learning activity with practical application at work, which produces better results in business-driven projects as well as investing to build capability for the future
  • We all have years of hands-on business experience at a senior level, so we bring the real world into the seminar room
  • We focus on developing your people’s insight and way of thinking as well as providing knowledge – so what is in the workshop gets taken back into the business
  • Our coaching and mentoring ability provides a means to support managers and business leaders translate knowledge and intent into good practice

Our Services

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Leadership Development

We develop your Board level strategic leadership. We begin by working with you on where you need to take your business and creating your unique programme to prepare you to deliver those results. This can include:

  • A ‘Business Snapshot’ event for a half- or full-day at which we both define the business imperatives and also evaluate Board strategic thinking process
  • Assessment Centres – we have assessed Boards and management teams to create a programme of development for them over the following 2-3 years
  • Executive coaching and mentoring by a qualified, accredited and experienced executive coach
  • 360° assessments
  • Managing a development programme that combines our own learning and development support with targeted programmes at recognised business schools
  • On- or off-site team building activities

Click here to read an example of a short Director leadership programme or call us on 01905 641528 for a personal briefing on in-depth leadership development programmes we have led over the last 10 years.

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Management Development Programmes

Many leaders of the West Midlands businesses want to provide their managers with management development programmes that both deliver essential management capability and are directly relevant to their own operational context.

We have therefore created a way of delivering this for you that is flexible, tailored and fits your specific requirements, consisting of some or all of the following elements:

  • A Director briefing on your business and development objectives for the next 2-3 years;
  • A ‘Critical Success Factors’ snapshot and evaluation event, engaging your managers buy in to the course design stage;
  • Personal Development Interviews with intended participants;
  • A Learning and Development map of your management team against recognised criteria;
  • Highly interactive workshops that introduce the knowledge and understanding you need to bring into your business;
  • Coaching and/or mentoring for participants to assist them to apply learning to their job;
  • Work projects, selected by business need and linked to learning objectives – so delivering business improvement hand-in-hand with learning and development

Our management development programmes often align with other projects and business support for our clients. For example, at Worcestershire-based engineering manufacturer, Allen Gears, Management MasterClasses ran alongside operational projects and coaching for potential Directors. Read more about the Allen Gears story here.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring helps you and those who work for you to achieve your potential at work. We are ideally placed to support you, or a member of your team, to transform the way you work, to be truly effective and to achieve your ambitions for yourself and in your role. Francis leads our coaching service, with a team of professional coaches and mentors.

Click here for a fuller description of our Coaching and Mentoring services.

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Profiling and Assessment Services

We can help you evaluate your managers and employees using a range of well recognised profiling tools. We work with you to select the best tool for the people and the context where they will be used, which is frequently an integral part of team building, leadership development or management development programmes.

We have used:

  • MBTI (Myers Briggs) to evaluate the mix of personalities in a Board of Directors as part of a strategy development project
  • OPQ32, SHL’s psychometric profiling tool to assess divisional General Managers as part of designing their development programme
  • A business life cycle assessment tool, creating context and insight for a strategic planning process
  • Team inventories such as Belbin’s team styles inventory as part of team building workshops
  • Pfeiffer’s Kouzes and Posner based LPI (Leadership Practices Inventory) to assess senior managers entering a coaching programme
  • BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory, an Emotional Intelligence questionnaire, as part of several coaching programmes
  • The Matrix Leadership Style Index to create discussion around differing management styles, as part of a management development programme
  • Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 Report to work with individuals involved in a mentoring programme for operational managers

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements, or the place of profiling in your development programme – call us on 01905 641528 or use the contact forms on this page.

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