Leadership Development – May 2014

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Business Growth, Francis Christie News, Leadership, Personal Development, Strategy

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Know Yourself and Know When To Go

I met a Chief Executive recently who had just resigned from his post. He had implemented major change initiatives and significant programmes were still in progress.

I expressed my surprise that he had decided to go. What he said was very revealing: “I know what I’m good at and, if I stayed, I’d want to change it all again”.

Another great example is the Ferrari F1 team. On the 14 April, Ferrari announced that Stephano Domenicali had resigned and would be replaced with immediate effect by Marco Mattiacci, the current president and CEO of Ferrari North America. See: http://bit.ly/1pqRSYv

Do you know who you are? Do you know your own strengths? Do you know what situations would allow you to perform at your best?

If you’d like to know yourself better, then contact me. I can help you to discover your own strengths and learn how to use your leadership skills to best effect.

Call me, Francis on +44 (0) 1905 641 528 or drop me a note at: francis@francischristie.co.uk. Let me help you to develop your full potential.

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David Moyes Departure – a Failure of Leadership

David Moyes was sacked from his job as Manager of Manchester United Football team on the 22nd April. See: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27107795

Did he ‘deserve it’? Or was there a much larger failure of leadership at Manchester United? Let’s go back to the beginning. Who was responsible for managing the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and choosing his successor? Who was responsible for making ‘the succession succeed?’ See: http://bit.ly/1oxj2sB

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GrowthAccelerator: Where Ambitious Businesses Go To Grow

GrowthAccelerator is a unique service that targets high growth businesses who want to prepare for the next phase of business growth and have the potential and determination to get there.

Through the GrowthAccelerator scheme, you can find new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy you need for your business to achieve its full potential. I can help you, with GrowthAccelerator, to get to the heart of the barriers that are holding businesses back and help you to identify the critical steps you need to take to achieve the next phase of growth. See the full article: GrowthAccelerator: Where Ambitious Businesses Go To Grow

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