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Posted on Oct 28, 2014 in Francis Christie News

Leadership Opportunities: In this issue…

Vote for Jo Pavey!

Vote for Jo!

Jo keeps to her plan to run 100 miles a week

Vote for Jo in the Sunday Times and Sky Sports – Sports Woman of the Year Award #SWOTY

Jo Pavey gets my vote. She is an inspiration to many working mums. She is also an inspiration to me as a working dad.

What we share is our experience of struggling with balancing the demands of work with the demands of having a young family. She is, I think, an inspiration for all of us.

I reached a critical cross-roads in my career. In one dimension, I was very successful and had achieved business goals that were very important to me. In another dimension, I was away from home so much that I was conscious I was ‘loosing it’ with my family. So, I am inspired by the approach that Jo and her husband, Gavin, have taken with wanting to have children and wanting to be successful in her professional life.

So, what can we learn from Jo that we can all apply in the world of work?

I have four lessons that I’ve learned from her story.

Read the full article at Vote for Jo Pavey! 

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 Selling: New Techniques or Snake-Oil!

Some clients get excited about new techniques or new methods that will ‘solve all their problems’.

I know of at least one company, where the directors dread the CEO’s next international flight. Why? Because he has a history of coming back to the office, throwing down the ‘in-flight’ magazine and saying ‘This looks like a great idea! Why don’t we try this?’

The world of coaches and consultants is often marked with excitement about the ‘next big thing’. I have meet several consultants who are looking for a ‘magic bullet’: that special technique or tool that will mean that clients will flock to give them their business.

That’s why I recommend that you read the article by Adrian Furnham in the Sunday Times. Adrian Furnham provides a check-list, based on Rob Briner’s work, for evaluating what you are being told about a new ‘solution’ to your problems.

I have argued, through most of my career, that selling is a process of giving evidence and building trust. So, I recommend that you use the 5 step process for giving evidence as a way to build your next sales presentation. There are no ‘magic bullets’. Do great work, ask your clients to tell you why they value what you did and measure the results.

Then, give that evidence to the next potential customer.

Read the full article: Selling: New Techniques or Snake-Oil!

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CMI Research: Trust Me, I’m a Manager

Would you let your doctor treat you, if you found out that they had not been trained?

Trust me, I'm a Manager

Trust me, I’m a Manager

Yet every year British businesses let thousands of managers loose on their people, without equipping them with the skills that they need to be effective in management roles.

The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership was created with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The Commission asked three key questions:

  1. How good are management and leadership in the UK today?
  2. What are the skills that managers will need in the future? and
  3. How can UK management be improved in order to deliver success by the year 2020?

The CMI’s ‘Management 2020 Survey’ of over 2,000 managers working in the UK today found that less than a quarter (23%) rated their employers as being “very good” or “good” at providing leadership training to managers before or within three months of being promoted into a management role.

Well over a third (37%) revealed that their employer was “poor” at providing training or did not do so at all.

Why don’t you read the examples on our Testimonials page and give us a call. Let’s discuss what management training, coaching or mentoring would maximize the success of your managers, and ultimately your company.

What impact could that have, not just on the managers, but also on the motivation and commitment of those people who are being managed by them?

Click here to read the full article: CMI Research: Trust Me, I’m a Manager

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