Ready To Go?

Posted on Aug 5, 2014 in Francis Christie News

Are you ‘Ready to Go’, if life presents you with a great opportunity today? Are you thinking ‘This is it!  This is the day that could change my life?’

I have loved the Commonwealth Games for the examples of athletes who took the opportunities that life offered them ‘on the day’. These are the moments that had me on my feet roaring encouragement, shouting at the top of my voice and willing them on to cross the finishing line.

Yet everything that preceded that race, said ‘don’t do it!’ Their health, their situation, their lack of sleep, lack of food, probably even their coaches – all said ‘don’t do it’. The views of the best sports journalists was probably ‘don’t try’. In spite of all those factors, weighted against them, they were ‘ready to go’. They saw the opportunity in the moment and won!

  • Laura Trott had a disappointing start to the Commonwealth Games.
    Ready to go!

    Laura wins gold in the 25km points race

    On the 26th July, she failed to qualify for the individual pursuit and finished 11th in the 10km scratch race. She then revealed that she had been ill for several days with a kidney infection. The next day, she won gold in the 25km points race. “I can’t believe it,” she told BBC Radio 5 live. “This is right up there with the Olympics for me after the disappointment of the last two days. To pull it off at the end was great.” See the Guardian article:

  • Lynsey Sharp spent the previous night in hospital. She hadn’t slept for 12 hours. She was ‘throwing up’ and had a drip in her arm.  Yet, she won a silver medal for Scotland in the women’s 800m race at the Commonwealth Games. See the BBC interview:

    After the race she told the BBC “There was no way, after going through

    Lynsey's messages 'Get out strong' and 'Commit'

    Lynsey’s messages ‘Get out strong’ and ‘Commit’

    everything I have been through, I was not going to get a medal,” she said. “This is my everything. The last year has been obstacle after obstacle, even right up to this morning being in the clinic in the athletes’ village until 5.30am”. For her inspiration she had written “get out strong” and “commit” on her hand in black ink. It worked. Roared on by the Hampden crowd, she overtook four rivals to finish just behind Kenya’s Eunice Jepkoech Sum. See Daily Record Article:

  • Nijel Amos had suffered a thigh strain. He crashed his car, last year.
    Ready to go

    Nijel Amos storms through to win gold

    He started a new career as a DJ. He looked like he had ‘lost his way’. The sports writers had their stories already drafted. The winner of the Commonwealth Games gold medal, for the 800m, was likely to be Olympic Champion, David Rudisha. However, no one told Nijel Amos. In the 800m race, as predicted, David Rudisha lead the race from the front.  As they came around the final bend, Amos was ‘boxed in’ by other runners. This forced him to check his stride, step out and run the ‘long way around’. While David Rudisha looked stressed and anxious, Nijel Amos sprinted past to win the gold medal in 1:45.18.

I’ve loved these games. These athletes have inspired me. They’ve challenged me.

So, my challenge to you, is ‘Are you ready to go?’ It doesn’t matter how bad your experience has been. My question is ‘Are you ready to take the opportunities that life offers you today?’ Go for it!

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