Selling: New Techniques or Snake-oil?

Posted on Oct 29, 2014 in Business Growth, Change, Francis Christie News, Marketing, Sales

Some clients get excited about new techniques or new methods that will ‘solve all their problems’.

I know of at least one company, where the directors dread the CEO’s next international flight. Why? Because he has a history of coming back to the office, throwing down the ‘in-flight’ magazine and saying ‘This looks like a great idea! Why don’t we try this?’

The world of coaches and consultants is often marked with excitement about the ‘next big thing’. I have met several consultants who are looking for a ‘magic bullet’: that special technique or tool that will result in clients flocking to give them their business.

That’s why I recommend that you read the article by Adrian Furnham in The Sunday Times.

Adrian Furnham provides a checklist, based on Rob Briner’s work, for evaluating what you are being told about a new ‘solution’ to your problems.

I have argued, through most of my career, that selling is a process of giving evidence and building trust. There are no ‘magic bullets’. Do great work, ask your clients to tell you why they value what you did and measure the results. Then, give that evidence to the next potential customer.

If you want your sales presentation to have real impact then try building it around this five-step process:

  1. Can you clearly define the technique you used?
  2. Is the technique really new and distinctly different?
  3. Does the technique, concept or process actually work in practice?
  4. Is there a ‘gold-standard’ measure of the results?
  5. How does the evidence support the conclusions?

If that sparks your interest, and you want to read more, then check-out:

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