Selling to Strategic Customers

We can equip you to build successful sales in a number of ways through training, coach-mentoring or developing your selling structure and strategies. Selling to strategic accounts is a key skill for many of our clients.

The Needs of Strategic Prospects and Customers

When selling to complex clients, you need a way to manage your sales pipeline and the multiple relationships in your clients and prospects to get the best results. This will be relevant for you if you recognise a number of these characteristics:

  • You sell to large organisations
  • You need to maintain multiple contacts with differing kinds of influence in your clients
  • It takes longer than a few weeks and several stages of decision making to achieve a sale
  • Your product or service is complex, technical or high value
  • Several of your own people are involved in the selling relationships and process

If this applies to you, we can assist you and your sales team to identify, reach and talk to the right people in your prospect or client. We can help you manage the process to take the right actions at the right time to win business, which includes ways to qualify the opportunity to ensure you invest in the right projects that have a good chance of reaching the outcome you want for your own company.

We have adapted our approach to deliver value to a number of clients, who operate in the UK and internationally, through both training and mentoring. If that interests you, get in touch.

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