Performance-Importance Market Research

What Your Customers Really Think!

Do your customers tell you how to win their business? Sometimes, customers tell you what they think but more usually unhappy customers are polite to your face and then quietly disappear.

An excellent way of getting beyond ‘customer satisfaction surveys’ and create a deep understanding of what really drives the decisions of buyers in your market is to use the  ‘Performance-Importance’ (P-I) method. This methodology has proved extremely valuable to support our clients in developing successful market-led strategies.

The P-I model identifies what customers and potential customers really want from suppliers of the products and services you offer. It examines not what they buy now and what you do now, but what they ideally want from you, and whether they get it or not!

How Does It Work?

Beginning with broad open questions, we conduct a telephone interview that leads your customer through a series of steps:

  • What is their business about?
  • What do they need to really achieve their goals?
  • How do they select suppliers of what you offer?
  • To what extent do they believe you provide for those needs?
  • How do you compare to your competitors in the criteria your customers say drive their buying decisions?

What Is The Outcome?

Having started with general questions, the end result of a series of interviews is a clearly defined set of market requirements and performance criteria, each specifically scored for the likely impact on your success and how you compare to your competitors in that area today.

To view an example of where this insight was used to develop the strategy for an association of UK sports construction companies, follow this link to the SAPCA case study.

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