Your Strategy

Invaluable. The way Francis Christie Ltd led the development of our strategy for the next five years was in a league above anything we have done before.”

Chris Trickey, CEO,  Sports and Play Construction Association

The Process

Francis Christie Limited lead the process from an initial ‘Business Clinic’ through to the crafting of a long-range strategy. We would take a practical approach to facilitating you and your team to develop a sense of vision for your business. Then we can help you translate these into clearly defined strategies and a plan for the future.

You would retain ‘ownership’ of your vision and the strategy. We would use our experience, training and education to help you structure your ideas and strategy. This could mean that we discuss, suggest, challenge, sometimes provoke and provide further information to get the best outcome for you in the strategy process.

Planning Tools

We can also provide an external perspective, to creating your strategy. For example, we could use a range of qualitative customer information tools or help you learn to use other strategic planning tools such as:

For relevant examples of where we have done this, follow this link to our case study pages.

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