Business Tools – The Strategic Staircase

We use a range of tools to support you in building and implementing business strategy – the Strategic Staircase is an extremely simple, yet effective way to structure the visionary goals for your business…

What is the Strategic Staircase?

The Strategic Staircase is a framework proven to be a powerful way to break your strategic agenda into bit-sized pieces. It enables you to develop the competitive capabilities and skills you need to achieve your long range business aspirations without restricting yourself to a narrow plan that will become irrelevant the next time there is a change in your market place.

The secret to the Strategic Staircase is that it guides priorities to bridge the gap between your strategy document and what you need to actually do in your business. Aligned to the Balanced Scorecard or a GOSPA plan, it is a powerful way to manage the development of your business and communicate strategy across your employees.

The Strategic Staircase at Francis Christie

The principles of the strategic staircase work in small and large busineses alike – we have facilitated clients to build strategies and business plans using this structure since 2002, in sectors such as industrial printing, construction and jewellery manufacture.

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