Mini-Case Studies

The following stories are examples of projects we have carried out on behalf of clients

Department Turnaround at Project-Based Manufacturing Business

The technical department of this Plc was struggling with a reputation as “the bottleneck of the business”: causing late delivery, product failure on site, internal re-work and a staff turnover of 50%.

Our team worked with a selected group of managers to review the customer experience via a value mapping exercise and identifying the strategically important requirements on the department. This was linked with team coaching and the introduction of new operating models. The department was restructured: including a cell structure for the various design elements, the creation of a new internal training team and effective internal communication meetings.

An implementation plan was created using the Balanced Scorecard method and our team delivered further support by means of supervisor and motivational training and a series of bespoke mini-customer service based business simulations for all staff.

6 months after completion of the project: 24 of the 26 KPIs created in the Balanced Scorecard plan were on target and the department was the top performing department in the company.

A Global Travel Business

We were briefed to raise the levels of commercial awareness with 60 middle and senior managers. We tailored a financial awareness training programme, integrated with a 1-day module examining strategic approaches to creating a winning market proposition. A business simulation game was used so as to involve each team in running fictitious yet competing village pubs. This was then linked to the commercial development of products, the management of margins and creation of value added services for their business. The impact exceeded the expectations of the business directors and the learning and development team.

A Major UK Food Processing and Distribution Business

Following an initial ‘Business Clinic’ with the Operating Board, we have worked with this business over seven years in Board-level strategic development, succession planning for the Board and CEO and Senior Management development programmes.

This resulted in the recruitment of a new CEO to meet rapidly changing commercial demands, the preparation of the SMT for the successful acquisition and integration of another processing business, much larger than their own, and changed the focus of relationship management to meet the demands of a rapidly-changing, integrated food business.

Examples of the projects we did include:

    • Assessment and Development Centres at Board and Senior Management Team levels;
    • In-depth, bespoke business simulation workshops to develop their strategic leadership capability;
    • Building skills and application in Development Appraisals and Financial Awareness; and
    • Executive coaching and mentoring.

National Transport & Distribution Business

We were initially engaged to coach the existing Financial Controller who was the most senior person in Finance at that time. In less than 12 months, she was promoted to Finance Director on the Group Board. We then supported her in creating a “100 day” plan as a Director.

It became apparent that there were significant issues with the structure and performance of the Board. We designed an event which combined team-building with a workshop on planning the future of the business. We then worked with the HR Director to structure the change programme and support the newly announced Board by providing:

  • 360° assessments of each Board member based on their actual leadership behaviour;
  • 1-2-1 feedback and coaching for each Director to develop their leadership abilities; and
  • A development workshop for the new Board to encourage a greater sense of team-working.

This project improved their performance as a Board as:

  • The Directors recognised the opportunity to develop as leaders as well as managers;
  • They learned to appreciate their own preferences, different viewpoints and skills;
  • They gained the confidence to perform more effectively as individuals and as a team;
  • Committed to a personal development plan to be shared and reviewed at Board level.

The Board recognised a gap in the way they managed long-term planning and engaged the next-level Senior Management Team (SMT) to contribute their ideas and plans for developing the first 5 year strategic plan.

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