John Orwin

John Orwin, business process specilaist, business leadership, strategic thinking, strategic planning

John Orwin, Specialist in Strategic Business

John is a seasoned practitioner in business process development and implementation and is an operations specialist. Starting out as a materials scientist and metallurgist, John has over 30 years in operations and business leadership.

As the former Operations Manager and Managing Director of British Aluminium’s Redditch plant, he led numerous Continuous Improvement and business process programmes and projects. After leaving British Aluminium, John set up and acquired a number of private businesses, which means he brings the benefit of knowing what it feels like both to be a senior manager in a large corporation and also what it is to build your own business.

John has been applying his experience to the benefit of our clients since 2007 and he is a rarity among business process specialists in having both the enthusiasm and the ability to develop people and communicate his experience in an empathetic and clear manner! Whether mentoring a manager, delivering training in strategic planning or World Class Operations or facilitating a cross functional team in a ‘Kaizen’ Rapid Improvement Project, John brings both experience and extensive knowledge to deliver bottom line benefits to your business.


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