Andrew is an ICF Master Certified Coach and psychotherapist. Andrew was very successful in the business world working as a coach, trainer, and in coach-supervision. He was very effective at enabling other people to be at their best and yet, for him, something was missing. His coaching with me has released an outflow of artistic skills; bringing joy and vitality into his life.


“I chose the right coach: you don’t mess around. You invite people to do the real work. I feel that… you gave me permission.” Andrew Machon ICF Master Certified Coach

Services Provided
  • Executive Coaching

“You brought something more: ‘get real, time is precious , let’s do the real work now’. That energy in a coach led to my growth… qualities emerged… a zest for life with a call to the client to do the real work together with holding, support, clear boundaries, challenge and empathy.” Andrew Machon ICF Master Certified Coach