This is Paul Kippax’s story. Paul is a Sector Marketing Director, developing Global Strategic Marketing programmes for a high-tech, global services organisation.

‘I came to you because I was worried about the scope of my role.…worrying me a lot. I wasn’t getting the time to think…working a lot of hours, evenings and weekends, spending a lot of hours in the office. It was a big issue. Not sustainable. My wife encouraged me to get some help, so she was part of the motivation to come to you’.


“”There was an immediate benefit as it became clearer what I should do with the team.  I was able to focus on the strategic direction for that group. Within less than a year, I stepped forward (I was promoted to Director).”

Paul Kippax, Sector Marketing Director

Services Provided
  • 3-Step Coaching Programme

Would you recommend Francis’ 3-Step Programme?

“I’d say ‘Yes’. If you’ve got an issue that’s been there for a long-time… working in different ways, unsure how to address that…exploring it in depth, in a guided way, and setting a plan for addressing it.” Paul Kippax, Sector Marketing Director