Case Studies

Here’s the experience of some of our customers. Their stories begin with common challenges faced by the people we work with.

Some of these challenges are in meeting business goals, others in their team, individually or all of these! Follow the links to find out what happened….

Your Business

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Rapid improvement of product cost and project performance at Alan Dick

Developing a long term strategy for the Sports And Play Construction Association (SAPCA)

Your Team

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Developing Strategy with a new Senior Management Team at Allen Gears

We are currently continuing the development of this part of the website. You can read some mini case studies here and then come back for fuller examples of business & team projects soon.

Coaching & Mentoring

Fran’s Story

Fran was comfortable in his job when he was offered a challenge and an opportunity by the Directors, supported by coaching. He decided to take the opportunity… read the story

Steve’s Story (Manufacturing)

Steve had a great reputation for getting things done. On the other hand, he felt he was time limited by everything he had to do and was unsure how to fulfil his ambition …. read the story

Paul’s Story

I had an excellent appraisal last year but it didn’t motivate or inspire me. I felt I was at a cross-road in my life…. read the story

Bev’s Story

I was encouraged to think of promotion to Finance Director (FD) within 12 to 24 months. ….I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen which was knocking my confidence…. read the story

Steve’s Story (Sales & Marketing)

I have 33 years experience in sales and marketing, but I found myself without work or income. I felt anxious, frustrated and concerned about the future… read the story

Becki’s Story

I was very busy and I found it difficult to deal with interruptions and urgent requests. During times of extreme pressure, I would become disorganised, moody and “unapproachable”… read the story

Phil’s Story

I had been made redundant twice in 3 years. I was living in hope that the right permanent role did exist for me but, after nearly 12 months without success, I realised I needed some help…. read the story