Alan Dick – Rapid Improvement

The Situation (Before partnering with FCL)

Alan Dick is a longstanding business with a track record of successfully designing, manufacturing, assembling and erecting aerials and masts for the cellular transmission and for broadcasting. The company was a supplier of solutions and products to the main contractors for Digital Switchover (DSO) in the UK, for completion by 2012. When they engaged the services of the Francis Christie team, the delivery of these services had begun and the Alan Dick CEO, John Helas was keen to improve the quality and reliability of products and projects, whilst ensuring a manageable cost base in its manufacturing and project management.

The Challenge (Presented to FCL by the Board of Alan Dick)

Alan Dick’s enviable reputation was for top quality products, but they were competing with companies providing ‘good enough’ solutions to the broadcast market that could offer lower prices to main contractors. At the same time, they faced delays on the delivery of some major projects- these projects had a value of several million pounds and a lead time of 18 months to 2 years. The CEO engaged us to support them in 2 ‘Kaizen’ Rapid Improvement Projects to, in the first project,┬áreduce the cost of a particular broadcast product, whilst maintaining its quality of signal and durability and, in the second project to reduce lead time and cost of project delivery.

What did we do?



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