Allen Gears – Developing the SMT

Working with Francis Christie has helped further challenge the businesses strategic thinking. Their team facilitated in developing the Senior Management Team to think beyond conventional and often self-imposed boundaries and provided useful tools and techniques to help present business strategy in a structured manner.

The Situation (Before partnering with FCL)

Following an MBO from Rolls Royce ownership, Allen Gears’ Directors appointed Senior Managers to support them in leading the business. Allen Gears sells into challenging industrial markets, manufacturing bespoke gearing solutions globally to industrial and marine industries, with strong service, maintenance & repair support. It is the leader in its sector, with its own specialist technology, and is the largest employer in Pershore, Worcestershire.

Despite strong technological expertise and commercial success, the Directors recognised the need to manage margins & cash well, following the investment to purchase the business. Their new team had generally limited training in management, as well as a lack of experience of longer term strategic thinking and planning.

Their challenge was to engage this senior team in providing strong leadership and create a succession route that would sustain the business’s long term growth and profitability.

The Challenge (Presented to FCL by the Board of Allen Gears)

Following an initial assessment and ‘Snapshot’ event, the Directors engaged the Francis Christie team to deliver a programme, which integrated creation of the operational strategy with the development of the Senior Management Team, to secure the business and create leadership for the future.

This is an example of how we aim to integrate business outcomes with learning – it delivers pay back on the investment whilst also delivering learning and development to teams and individuals in your business.

The objectives were to support the Senior Management Team in producing a strategy to deliver the Directors’ goals, whilst simultaneously providing learning & development to facilitate their development from being a ‘group of people’ into an effective management team. There was a specific objective to identify potential for future promotion to Director level.

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