Allen Gears – What Happened Next?

I found the personal mentoring particularly useful and the process of focussing the individual development needs through these services has helped directly in my personal and professional development.

Their taught courses on management skills training I have found to be made highly relevant to the business we operate within and the style of presentation has been fresh and inclusive.

Following the strategy development with Allen Gears’ Senior Management Team, the Directors encouraged a second phase of development, training and implementation suppport….

Projects and Coaching

Allen Gears has consistently achieved its commercial goals under the management of its Directors and new Senior Management Team. Following strategy development phase, the Directors invited our team to support managers identified for development, by coaching and mentoring, built around their leadership of the strategy implementation projects. Each selected manager was paired with a specialist from the FCL team who had both the development and business skills pertinent to the individual they were coaching.

Each coaching programme was designed specifically for the individual. Whether it was Paul, a gifted engineer who was supported in how he managed both people and organisation structures, who has achieved promotion to head of a new technical development team; or Shawn and Ian, supported in their aim to achieve Director status, each individual was stretched in capability and thinking as well as assisted to achieve good project results.

Follow the links Fran’s story and Steve’s story  to read more detail on 2 of these individuals who made great progress through their coaching.


In parallel with the strategic projects and coaching, FCL Director Richard Procter developed and delivered a tailored series of MasterClasses for a combined group of senior and middle managers over 6 months. The MasterClasses, in 3 Modules covering ‘Leading People & Teams’, ‘Planning & Control’, and ‘Communication’ were for many the first ever opportunity for management development.

The content and application to the ‘real world’ was tailored to the Allen Gears own environment and was such that the Senior Management Team observed a big increase in motivation and commitment in the participants as they worked to apply the learning in their work. A number of this team were engaged in the strategy implementation projects, so the development was integrated across business initiatives and different levels of professional development.

The content was applied directly to Allen Gears’ own operational environment. For most of this group, it was the first formal leadership & management development they have had in their careers.

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