Becki’s Story

My Situation (before coaching)

When I began coaching, I was a junior member of the Human Resources team in a rapidly growing internet services company. As well as the normal demands of my job, I was involved in three major change projects and studying part-time at college.

I was very busy and I found it difficult to deal with interruptions and urgent requests. These would completely throw my schedule, setting me back to square one. During times of extreme pressure, I would become disorganised and very negative. I would be moody and “unapproachable” at times. I was sensitive to colleague’s comments and would take criticism personally. My personal life also suffered as I regularly worked late and at weekends. At the time, I thought it would benefit my career. At the back of mind, I hoped that the hard work would get me noticed and appreciated somehow.

Why or How Did I Think Coaching Would Help Me?

Initially, I thought that time management was a skill that I could learn on the job, with support from my manager and peers. This wasn’t successful. After discussions with my manager, we researched training courses. I was concerned that a training course would last for one or two days but, back in the work place, would I be able to implement my new learning successfully? Or would I revert to my previous style?

Coaching offered me an extensive support over a 6 month period and the opportunity to fully implement my learning at work. I thought it would be easier to change things now, before they turned into habits, and would put me on the right track for the future.

What Actually Happened and How Did This Help?

Francis encouraged me to set goals for my personal life and for work. I set myself the challenge of running the London Marathon and a goal for Time Management.

I met with Francis once a month and he supported me via email and the phone. I also kept a log of key events and how I reacted to interuptions and requests. He encouraged me to talk about my experiences, to develop options and to look at work and relationships from different perspectives. I learned how to handle urgent requests, plan my work and manage it in a way that suited me. Once I put this in place, I was better able to manage other people’s expectations and I felt more positive and “in control”. This helped me to stay calm and I was not affected by interruptions as before.

Francis then encouraged me to talk about my career aspirations, in a constructive way, with my boss and the Vice President.

What Were the Results? (for you and for your organisation)

Since completing coaching, I have felt more confident and better able to handle disruptions, manage expectations and prioritise accordingly. I regained my work-life balance and have had time for the things that I wanted to do outside of work, like training for the Marathon.

I have improved my relationships with my colleagues and I enjoy my job more. My organisation has gained a strong team player, with a positive attitude, who is more adaptable and effective. In my performance review, my manager noted that there had been a turning point for me during last year – when I began coaching. Since then the transformation has been phenomenal!

How Are You Taking This Forward?

At the end of my coaching sessions, I set a new goal to position myself for promotion within the next six months. I planned it out and I am implementing it. I have drawn out a career plan, in realistic stages, which will enable to me to continue to improve and develop.

What Was Francis Like to Work With?

Francis is very easy to talk to. He enables you to review situations from different perspectives so that you fully understand what you did and to respect what others may think of you. Francis can drive some very deep personal conversations and yet has a sense of humour which makes the sessions fun but also revealing and effective. Coaching invites you to be as open and as honest as you can be and this seemed to happen naturally when talking to Francis.

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