Phil’s Story

Phil - Coaching client who revived his career and confidenceMy Situation (before coaching)

I had been made redundant twice in 3 years. I was living in hope that the right permanent role did exist for me but, after nearly 12 months without success, I realised I needed some help.

The Challenges I Faced (at that time)

This was a tough time emotionally that tested my faith and confidence; notwithstanding the increasingly difficult financial situation that nearly resulted in selling the house. It took serious effort to maintain my strength for the family and a positive approach in looking for the right job.

Why or How Did I Think Coaching Would Help Me?

I considered engaging a large, national career consultancy but this requried the payment of several thousand pounds up-front.

I knew Francis from when we worked together in AT&T. I wanted to engage a professional coach and decided to seek his guidance and support. I felt very comfortable and trusted him. Francis offered to work with me on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

What Actually Happened and How Did This Help?

Francis helped me to work on two levels – understanding my own abilities and targetting potential employers.

I was reassured that the coaching process was focused on helping me to understand my interests, enthusiasms and abilities. I looked back, to understand the mind set born of my past personal and career life, and forward to qualify my competencies and future career aspirations.

I was surprised that I really had to work hard at it. Francis used highly effective and revealing tools but, very importantly, did not prescribe what I should do. Instead he teased out, reflected and encouraged me to realise more of what I knew. I began to speak more confidently about my skills, strengths, interests and passions. I more fully realised what drives me and in what situations I work best.

What Were The Results?

Francis’ coaching helped me develop my personal career road map and gave me a new enthusiasm and belief in myself. Part way through the programme, I secured a good interim role which was immediately followed by another interesting contract with the Learning and Skills Council.

How Are You Taking This Forward?

I followed through and finished the coaching process which helped me deliver in these interim roles.

What Was Francis Like to Work With?

For me, professional coaching should be about listening, assessing, guiding and encouraging the person being coached – but unless it is conducted with sincerity and a real interest in understanding the candidate; it will be superficial. It will lack effectiveness.

Francis has a wide range tools and abilities but what really came across was a deep interest in helping me find what was best for me. For that I offer him my sincere thanks!

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