Steve’s Story (Sales & Marketing)

My Situation (before coaching)

I have 33 years experience in sales and marketing. This culminated in nine years as Sales and Marketing Director responsible for a £30M turnover generated by customers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

When I began my coaching, I had been working primarily as an associate of a sales consultancy company. Unfortunately, this did not work out and I found myself without work or income. This situation hit me harder than I had imagined. I felt anxious, frustrated and concerned about the future. I urgently needed to find another job or we would have to sell our house.

Why or How Did I Think Coaching Would Help Me?

I had made what I thought were “good choices” and they had not worked out. So, I engaged Francis to help me find a better way forward. If had not done that, I could have easily jumped back into a similar job and ended up feeling frustrated again.

What Actually Happened and How Did This Help?

I met with Francis three times a month. With him, I reviewed my past experiences and recent choices. We identifed re-occuring patterns of behaviour and themes in my career. These were situations where I had got the job I wanted and then felt unfulfilled. I was successful but not satisfied.

Francis led me through a breakthough discussion of where these patterns had developed – “the boy inside the man.” He encourage me to talk about my aspirations – “what do I really want?” Out of this, I started to define my ideal role and where I might find it.

What Were the Results? (for you and for your organisation)

I realised that we all struggle to deal with disappointment and unexpected changes in life. Francis helped me see that my reactions and emotions were normal for that time.

In addition, he helped me to understand how my thought processes had developed, through early childhood experiences, and why I reacted the way I did in certain circumstances.

Most of all, Francis helped me transform the way I see myself. He heightened my awareness of my own capabilities and of my value and potential both as a person and a businessman. He helped me to understand what I wanted and how to make better choices for myself.

How Are You Taking This Forward?

I have developed several options for earning a living as a trainer and a consultant.

I have a clear plan and targets for what I need “to survive and then thrive”.

What Was Francis Like to Work With?

Francis is a very sensitive and astute individual who is open, frank and trustworthy. In 30 years, Francis Christie’s coaching has had the biggest, most positive impact on my life; not just on me but also on my family too.

What happened next?



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