The Butterfly

The Reason For The Butterfly

When I set up my coaching and mentoring business back in 2002, I wanted to identify an emotive logo. I did a lot of research locally. Then, looking out of my office window, I realised I was looking at a nature reserve called Monkwood Reserve. Monkwood is jointly owned by Butterfly Conservation and the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. I checked them out through their website. One butterfly caught my eye. This was the Adonis Blue. When standing still, with its wings folded, it was virtually unnoticeable in drab brown and grey. But, when it opened its wings to fly, you could now see this wonderful, iridescent blue on their wings.

I thought this was just like my coaching clients. They arrive in their dark business suits. But, when they learn to fly, they lift off and they discover their own iridescent blue. So my challenge to you, is: “Find the blue in you”.

You might be interested to note that the Adonis Blue caterpillar forms into a chrysalis in small crevices or hollows. It is then buried by ants in earth chambers connected to the ant nest. The ants constantly attend to it, for around three weeks, protecting it from predators. Perhaps that explains the role of the coach. Helping you through your own personal transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!