What We Do


We help Chief Executives and Board Directors to transform themselves, their teams and their businesses by delivering results in three areas:

  • Grow Your Business;
  • Change Your Business For The Better; and
  • Developing Your People to meet the challenges.

Our clients engage us to enable them to develop effective strategies and build structures that deliver better results.  Click on the high-lighted words on this page to read about our services in each area or find a related case-study.

Grow Your Business

We have helped company Directors grow businesses by:

Change Your Business For The Better

We have helped our clients to lead and have supported projects to improve business performance. Examples of how we have recently improved clients’ operational performance include:

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Develop Your People

Directors and Managers in senior roles benefit from our coaching, mentoring, training and business development services:

  • A Chief Executive who has learned how to be better as ‘the leader’;
  • A Senior Manager who was promoted to the Board two months ahead of plan;
  • A Senior Manager promoted to Head of Division, resulting in a reoccuring cost-benefit of £100,000 p.a.
  • A Middle Management Team equipped to manage the integration of a major acquisition and make a Billion-pound business;
  • An Operations Manager improved performance and made savings of £24,000 within the first 12 weeks of coaching;
  • 30 supervisors: trained in core management skills and getting better performance from their teams.

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